To all the Hipsters out there. This is my post that panders to your demographic. For your listening, and judging, pleasure I give you Alanis Morissette’s Ironic. Now I know this is a stretch for you, but just hear me out a minute. I was told that hipsters are fans of all that is irony, and is there anything on this planet more ironic than the song Ironic? I think not. Enjoy the song a little. I mean, the fact that she’s singing on mic has got to be a good break from all the other music you listen to with the ghost-whisper-like vocal track. Not straining to hear the words may make that headache go away and wipe that sad look off your bearded face. So please, sit back, pop a $8 PBR, and enjoy every second of this trip into ironic, 90’s pop nostalgia. The Decemberists may have announced that The King is Dead and proven it by going on hiatus, but have no fear, for the true Queen of hipsterdom is alive and well, and her name is Alanis Morrissette. -Ryan

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    Oh, cool. Thanks for clearing that up.
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    I’m not talking about people who listen to indie/hipsterish bands, but actual pretentious hipsters. You’re actually...
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